Panama Kids

Panama Kids is a missional effort that was started by Glad Tidings Church. The purpose of Panama Kids is to help feed children that otherwise might not have access to food on a consistent basis. In February of 2016, a group from Glad Tidings Church went on a mission trip to serve a village in the country of Panama. While there, it was revealed that some children were probably going without sufficient food. This became obvious when a young girl was not able to enjoy playing a game due to having missed too many meals. This mission team was compelled to help remedy the situation. Glad Tidings Church now assists financially to make sure that many children from this village are enjoying a regular meal. We welcome others to join us in the process of blessing this village. If you would like to play a role in helping these children, you can learn how to give financially by contacting the church office. We also provide opportunities to visit this village on a mission trip. We would love for you to see what God is doing in another part of the world!